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“The Truth Is Out There

Dear friend,

It blows my mind.

It’s 2020 and yet there are still skeptics who think making money online is next to impossible.

People who think everything’s a “scam” or conspiracy...

...and that people like you and I can’t really make serious money online.

As somebody who’s made millions of dollars online…

...I can only shake my head.

I mean seriously, this isn’t the X-Files or a debate or whether aliens exist.

And the truth isn’t “out there.”

It’s right smack in front of everybody.

Everywhere I turn, ordinary people are making $1000’s…

...and yes, even millions of dollars online.

The most recent example is my friend Chad…

$1000's On AUTOPILOT

Literally just this past Monday night, at my men’s bowling league…

...my buddy Chad - a dog owner like myself - was playing us a little video clip showing us his dogs wrestling together.

Then, as sort of a casual aside, Chad mentions he’s been making $1000’s off similar dog videos.

And doing it on autopilot.

In fact, he told me hasn’t posted any new videos in a while but is still getting 1000’s of residual views…

...and monthly checks from YouTube.

Even skeptics would have to admit,that’s some pretty easy cash right there.

But then, why isn’t everybody making money just like Chad?

Full Disclosure

Well first off, tons of people are making money - and some of them a LOT more than Chad.

The problem is, you’d normally need to create your own video content - and lots of it.

You’d need to find a niche people are interested in.

You’d likely need to optimize your videos.

You’d need to create compelling video titles - a.k.a. clickbait.

You’d need to create eye-catching thumbnail images.

...And the list goes on...

But What If There Was A MUCH



What if you could unleash unlimited autopilot income machines…

...simply by having 100% FREE ads and affiliate links “auto-implanted” into other peoples’ YouTube videos?

To be perfectly clear, I’m talking about never having to create your own videos.

Never having to optimize videos.

Never even so much as having to create your own video thumbnail images.

And it gets even better still…

“Alien Technology”

Renders YouTube OBSOLETE


...in addition to legally and ethically getting free ads implanted into the videos of even the most popular YouTubers…

...you were also able to keep 100% of all commissions earned from any video you choose?

...and do it without ever uploading a single video to YouTube?

...and do it starting today?

Here’s the thing.

Let’s say you were somebody posting videos on YouTube and generating ad revenue as a result.

Typically you’d get around a 50% revenue share, meaning YouTube keeps a whopping HALF of the income that could be yours.

But obviously, by cutting YouTube out of the pictureentirely…

...you’d get to keep 100% of the commissions all to yourself.

Not only is all of this possible.

It’s exactly what our closely guarded technology is already doing for hundreds of beta testers and users just like you…

...without ever having to make their own videos.

...and without even having a YouTube account. See for yourself...

Seeing Is Believing

Even skeptics can’t argue the proof…

“It works!”
-Ely Shemer-

“LOVE this software so far!”
- Winston Bromley-

-Tom Yevsikov-

“The most innovative and
effective software I’ve ever used!”
-Ijlal Ahmed-

...We all know results and feedback can be faked, but this is public testimony shared on social media…

Real users not only sharing income results with our software…

..but also spreading rave reviews of its effectiveness.

...And now, without further ado...


5 Figure Day Full Throttle

Along with my business partners Tom E and Zeeshan Ahmed, I’m excited to welcome you to Commission Abduction…

Commission Abduction is everything I’ve been alluding to and more…

A highly advanced cloud-based software app with a one-two knockout punch built to smash your online struggles:

  • Auto-implant your ads and affiliate links into top YouTube videos of choice
  • Legally and ethically sidestep YouTube’s revenue collection system…

...and KEEP 100% of all commissions siphoned from even the most popular YouTubers’ videos.

With our system you never even have to “step foot” on YouTube - and as mentioned don’t even need a YouTube account.

And better yet, you can keep your online ad budget for a family vacation or something like that…

..because Commission Abduction literally

thrives on 100% free traffic... no paid advertising needed.

And that being the case, Commission Abduction is an all-inclusive online income system like no other.

All you need is an Internet connection, the login to your Commission Abduction app..

...and you’ve got everything needed to cash IN and scale UP.

Beam Up” Commissions In

3 Easy Steps

After login you’ll be ready to beam up commissions faster than the Starship Enterprise…

Select A Popular YouTube
Or Vimeo Video

Instantly Monetize The Selected Video With Your Affiliate / Offer Link Of Choice

With 1 Click, Share The Video On Our Recommended FREE “Hotspots” To Sit Back And Make Money

...Remember, Commission Abduction thrives on FREE ads and traffic meaning you’ll have money coming IN and not going OUT.

$150 / day?

$5,000 / per month?

...There’s no limit to how high you can scale your income with Commission Abduction.


Commission Abduction is a documented and proven UFO...

...No, it’s obviously not an unidentified flying object...

It’s an Ultimate Financial Opportunity. ;)

Seriously though, if you were to list out your idea of the absolute ultimate online income opportunity…

...I’m willing to bet it’d look a lot like the benefits of Commission Abduction - check it out:

Unlimited scalable income to 5 figures per month

Uses / THRIVES on 100% FREE traffic

Sets up in 5 minutes or less

Runs on AUTOPILOT after set up

Same day income potential

Works in any niche

Cloudbased - zero downloading

Compatible with both YouTube and Vimeo videos

Runs from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection

Fully compatible with PC & Mac

Full support available

The perfect home business

...And much more...

In fact, Commission Abduction’s advanced features include the ability to also auto-implant FREE ads and affiliate links into popular websites of choice.

It’s simply one of the most powerful online income weapons you can have instant 24-7 access to.

A Peak Inside

“Area 51”

I’m not letting you click the order button below without seeing just how much time and effort we’ve put into this project.

So here’s a sneak peak inside Area 51 - a.k.a. your Commission Abduction member area…

...take a moment to take a good look...

Immediately after placing your order below you’ll have full 24-7 access to the app…

...and the ability to begin siphoning commissions from top videos as soon as TODAY.

If You Build It, They ($$$)

Will Come

Now, we’ve established that Commission Abduction can generate sales and make you money.


Can it generate leads and grow your email list?

After all, growing a list is “mission critical” being that it guarantees repeatable and dependable income.

Fortunately, the answer is a resounding YES..

In fact, you can “point” your Commission Abduction video ads to:

- Affiliate offers

- Your own products

- Amazon products

- Sales funnels

- AND list building / squeeze pages

Using Commission Abduction to funnel unlimited FREE traffic straight into your email list is a snap.

And I’m a huge advocate of building an email list in every way possible - because doing so pays off like crazy.

Check it out - here’s over $10,000 in a single month made from JUST my email list...

Here’s over $9,000 in 4 weeks from Tom’s list...

And here’s a huge STACK of income from Zeeshan’s list:

IMO there’s just no easier money that email list money.

By joining Commission Abduction right now you’ll be ready start sucking in leads like there’s no tomorrow…

...just like me, Tom, and Zeeshan do. IMO there’s just no easier money that email list money.

Click the ADD TO CART button to get started now:

Puny Earthlings

Listen, there are those that would have you believe that you’ve gotta be some kind of genius to make money online.

Pssshhh, nonsense. Trust me we’re not rocket scientists over here, lol.

We’re just regular earthlings…err, dudes...who like to have fun with our families and fun with our music and hobbies…

...As you can see, we don’t live to make money.

We make money to LIVE. ;)

The moral of “the story?”

...Do what we do…

Click the Add To Cart button to join us inside - and do so while our special launch discount is still on and poppin:

100% Money Back Guarantee

Give our Commission Abduction software a full test drive.

If you decide it’s just not for you - for whatever crazy reason…

...maybe you prefer to work harder for your money…

...or maybe you'd prefer a large pizza over over a 5-6 figure income app…

...simply contact our 24-7 support center to get your money back within fourteen days of ordering.

We'll even let you KEEP all leads and commissions made during your free stay.

The ONLY risk here is NOT taking action with Commission Abduction.

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Before We Come Back Down To Earth…

It’s no secret.

Commission Abduction could easily sell for $497 through a webinar presentation.

And it’d sell like hotcakes for an ongoing access fee of $37 per month.

But right now, for a very limited time we’re letting new users come aboard for a (very) small one time fee.

...No, we haven’t lost our minds or been implanted with alien chips....

All we ask in exchange for the special deal is that you do your best to “report in” with your Commission Abduction income results just as others above have done.

This obviously helps us continue turning skeptics into believers, and believers into success stories.

And that’s what it’s all about.

Simply click the Add To Cart button to get in now:

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Your “space crew”...

Tom E Mcting


Bryan Winters


Zeeshan Ahmed


P.S. Me, Tom and Zeeshan are super pumped to watch what Commission Abduction is going to do for you and others..

Remember, Commission Abduction was born out of a need to generate leads and commissions by cleverly leveraging the work of others - i.e., in the easiest and fastest way possible.

And hundreds have already proven that it does exactly that.

Give it a legit GO and you’ll be thrilled with the outcome.

Enough said. See you on the “other side.” ;)


Q. What is Commission Abduction

A. Simply put, Commission Abduction is a cloud- based app built and proven to generate leads and commissions via other peoples’ videos.

Q. How long does setup take?

A. You can be set up and ready to run in as little as 3 minutes.

Q. What kind of training is involved?

A. There is very little training needed, and absolutely no experience necessary to get started. Our training comes in the form of a short video that you can watch to jump start your results.

Q. How much can I earn?

A. Your income potential is unlimited and greatly depends on what offers you choose to promote. Commission Abduction works with both low ticket and high commission offers. And don’t forget, it’s an excellent tool for growing your email list.

Q. How do I get PAID?

A. How you get paid depends on what offers you promote.

For example, if you direct your audience to a WarriorPlus affiliate offer, your commissions will be paid directly to your own WarriorPlus account and can be withdrawn to your bank from

Launch Discount Ends Soon